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Dr. Nadia’s headed into your pantry!

We’re seeking nominations of your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or even yourself to receive a completely FREE One Hour In-Home “Kitchen Remix” from Dr. Nadia Carpanzano.

In celebration of the launch of Maplebrook Chiropractic’s “Kitchen Remix” Program, Dr. Nadia will be visiting patients and individuals from our community to conduct an assessment of their cabinets, refrigerator, freezer, cupboard, and of course the pantry!  She'll even be asking to see your "snack drawer!" All of this in hopes of leaving the kitchen (and your home) healthier and ‪#‎DrNadiaApproved.

We aren't just going to come and throw away a whole bunch of bad stuff, we are going to educate and inform you of why certain foods and choices are better than others.  We’ll conduct a food label education session for the entire home (yes, parents & kids all need to hear this information).  We’ll even discuss some of the most common grocery store pitfalls and give you some healthy shopping tips.  No judgement, just health-inspired dissemination of nutritional advice from Dr. Nadia, an Internal Health Specialist.

If you are someone (or if you know someone) who would be a good candidate for a KITCHEN REMIX, please use this nomination form!  We'd ask all homes be no more than 25 Minutes from Maplebrook Chiropractic.  

Dr. Nadia Carpanzano is the Owner and Chiropractor at Maplebrook Chiropractic located at 365 E. Bailey Road in Naperville, IL.  The office is open six days a week, including most evenings, and offers Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy.  We also specialize in Nutrition and Detoxification.

Kitchen Remix Nomination Form